Soarasail 3F

Road Freight Service

TerminalWhen you need Road Freight Service, you care about Cargo Security which being affected by road condition much easier than Air and Sea freight. We know it very well and already concern for you. You will have our trucker with best Local Expertise to adapt the ever changing road traffic environment and situations, and at the same time, with Global Service Standard.

Warehouse We care the versatile road freight arrangement as it is most likely the important support to your international shipment. We arrange every detail, road plan, pick up and delivery time coordination, customs practices handling, etc. Multiple type of vechicle is available to meet your needs! *

Service Profile:
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Domestic | Cross-border Service
FTL | LTL | Rail ^
Customs Clearance
Late Night Service ^
Cargo Insurance

Important Notes:
  • * Please contact your account manager for detail or click here to contact our sales team!
  • ^ Subject to actual delivery location.


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  • Reliable Security Controls
  • Remote Engine Locking | GPS
  • Flexible Customs Clearance Handling
  • Drivers with Best Local Knowledge
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Cost Effective
  • 24/7 ready